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Visions through the Warped Window

3 May
A highland lass whose mountains have a Spanish name. For any more questions please visit A Song of Me in Memories

I’m sending notice to all that am not going to be as attentive to my e-life for the next couple of months. I’m starting a new job (all be it seasonal) on May 21st and won’t have in home internet access until I don’t know when. I’ll be working in an Oregon State park between LeGrande and Pendleton. To some it might be a bit remote, but frankly after working at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada and for VisionQuest, my idea of remote might be a bit different than the mainstream. As long as the emergency crew is not trying to decide if I’m stable enough for the 4X4 ambulance or if they’ll have to call in the helicopter, I’m fine. However, it does mean that most likely I’ll have to drive to a library to check my email and such. So, I’ll be limiting things for awhile. If I’m not quick on the uptake please be considerate.